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  • Global Sales Network
  • Global Support Network
  • Global Support Network
  • JH is committed to building up a global service network to provide a better service for our customers. JH has  more than a few professional and experienced engineers and always develop local support team. With service centers and spare parts warehouses established in many countries and regions, and cooperating with international logistics companies, we can guarantee a rapid supply of spare parts, a quick arrival of service personnel and a fast implementation of service work.
    Wherever you are, we will provide the best service for you in the fastest way.

    After-sale Service:
    Comprehensive services including installing, commissioning, delivery and customer training will be promptly provided in dealing with various problems during operating. Mechanism of response being made within 4 hours and face-to-face interacting in 24 hours can guarantee a fast and an effective after-sale service.

    Spare Parts Supply:
    A large-scale spare parts supply center and an exclusive customs quick-clearance station have been established within the head office in China. Needed parts can be carried to the site in the fastest way with the combination of the fast and professional international logistics and the network of the spare parts warehouses established in more than 17 countries and regions which cover most oilfields in the world.

    Repairing and Maintenance:
    Workshops for equipment repairing and maintenance have also been built within our overseas service centers. We can provide the most convenient, fastest and economical repairing and maintenance service. Meanwhile, we can also provide comprehensive trainings including operating, repairing and maintenance for our customers with the training centers established within the service centers.

    Equipment Lease:
    Equipment leasing services will be provided to meet customers demand for resources integrating, cost control, improving financial liquidity and to help customers achieve more value quickly.

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