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  • HSE Certification
  • HSE Policy
  • HSE Policy
  • QHSE Statement
    Jinghong is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers, public and the environment. It is the policy of Jinghong to conduct its business in a manner consistent with all applicable health, safety and environmental laws and regulations. Jinghong strives for continuous improvement in our Quality, health, safety and environmental performance.

    All employees are expected to be committed and involved in QHSE activities.
    Effective application of this policy will be actively enforced in all our locations.

    At Jinghong we are committed to:
      Comply with all applicable health, safety and environmental laws and regulations.
      Develop procedures and provide guidance to managers and employees concerning health, safety and environmental requirements.
      Ensure that all employees, contract employees, and subcontractors are aware of their role and responsibility to fulfill and sustain internal health, safety and environmental procedures and policy.
      Integrate health, safety and environmental requirements in facility and/or equipment design and modification activities throughout the company.
      Search for ways to eliminate or reduce the release of contaminates into the environment through pollution prevention and minimization programs.
      Require all employees to inform management of any real or potential health, safety or environmental situation that could place employees, the public and/or the company at risk.

    QHSE Management System
    Jinghong QHSE Management System defines the structure and principles of how JINGHONG conducts our operations worldwide regarding Quality of our Services, and Products; Health and Safety of our employees, customers and contractors; and, Environmental Protection. This shall be communicated to all our employees, contractors and customers in all our locations. Each business segment and location must provide evidence of the implementation of this Management System.

    Elements and sub-elements of the QHSE Management System include:
    Complies with requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

    01.  Leadership, Commitment and Accountability
    02.  Organization, Roles and Responsibilities
    03.  HSE Procedures and Safety Work Practices
    04.  Competency Assurance
    05.  Hazard/Risk Management
    06.  Occupational Health Management
    07.  Environment Management
    08.  Equipment and Road Safety
    09.  Incident Reporting and Investigation
    10.  Sub-contractor Management
    11.  Continuous Improvement
    12.  HSE Performance Data

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