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  • Introduction
    JH Pipe Racking System is the newest advanced device with strict calculation, simulation, manufacturing and commissioning. JH independently developed the whole system with designing, components manufacturing and assembling in its own production base.
    JH Pipe Racking system adopts two-stage hydraulic cylinder and is driven by hydraulic cylinder stroke and rack & pinion rotation. With accurate calculation of hydraulic cylinder stroke and rack modulus, two stroke of hydraulic cylinder drive the arms of pipe racking system to rotate 90 degrees to left and right directions respectively, which realized precise rotation positioning. Rolling balls are applied as rolling body to save space, which makes the whole system more compact.
    JH Pipe Racking system is foldable and can be fixed on the derrick. The system can be installed by simply lifting to the working height without derrick down.

    Foldable, Simple Structure, Compact size, convenient for installation and transportation;
    Less sensors and control elements usage;
    Degrees fixed by hydraulic cylinder stroke and rack and pinion rotation, easily control
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