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  • Introduction and Features of JH Casing Running System

    JH Casing Running System is the newest advanced products after hundreds of JH TOP Drive applications across the globe. JH developed the whole system with designing, components manufacturing and assembling in its own production base.

    JH Casing Running includes Arms, Elevator and locking make-up and break-out devices. The Arms and Elevator are driven by hydraulic cylinder and work together to catch casing pipe and then release it into barrel. The main spindle drives joints and joints cup into the casing pipe to realize sealing and mud circulation. The locking device adopts hydraulic cylinder which connected with lower press block to compress the locking components through a special designed slope before locking up. The make-up or break-out for casing pipe is operated through the main spindle and joints.

    Slope design for casing pipe compression and locking
    Smaller size and Lighter weight
    Space saving
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