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  • PC pump system consists of down-hole single screw pump, ground driving equipment and electric control part. As a new technology of oil extraction PC pump system has such features as broad adaptability, high efficiency and energy conservation and investment saving. PC pump system is especially advantageous when using for crude oil of high viscosity, high sandiness and other special features. Jinghong enterprise is the largest manufacturer of PC pump in China; its annual production capacity is 5000 sets of down-hole screw pumps and 3000 sets of ground driving equipment. At same time the products of high quality and good after-sales service are approved by the customers.

    The reasons why the customers trust us:
    1.  Customized production Every pump supplied by Jinghong is customized according to the crude oil physical parameters and use conditions of equipment.

    2.  Original technology In the process of R&D and production of PC pump Jinghong enterprise obtained 5 Chinese patents, among which PC pump offset drive head for on-line testing of oil well with downhole tools and PC pump for layering oil extraction, are the international inventions, patent technology was used in production of both of them.

    3.  Complete product series Jinhong provides customers with complete series of PC Pump with the delivery capacity of 2-720m3/d and pump lift reaching 2000m. Jinghong enterprise also offers such down-hole tools as anti-rotating and slip type anchor.

    4.  Perfect after-sales service Jinghong has a professional team of after-sales service that can solve problems of equipment application for customers at any moment.

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