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  • Top Drive System
  • Automated Power Catwalk
  • Casing Running System
  • Pipe Racking System
  • Progressive Cavity Pump
  • Down-Hole Tools
  • Service & Repair
  • Technical Training
  • Technical Training
  • To ensure you get the most value from our JH technology, we offer comprehensive training to introduce participants to JHs Top Drive solutions. JH offers on-site training at your location or we can arrange for training facilities at various locations worldwide. All courses are offered in English or your local language.

    Top Drive Comprehensive training courses are designed to introduce participants to our Top Drive systems. Each course, which orients Top Drive owners/operators to their specific system, includes a functional description of Top Drive system components, familiarization with the Top Drive and its principle components and an overview of troubleshooting methods and fault detection. These courses are designed for personnel who operate, maintain, or troubleshoot a JH Top Drive drilling system.

    General Course Content
    •   JH Top Drive Familiarization
    •   Common Electrical Terminology
    •   Power System Start-up (hydraulic or electrical)
    •   Top Drive Robotics
    •   Lubrication and Cooling Systems
    •   Control Systems (PLC or Relay Logic)
    •   Load Path Components and Associated Inspection Schedules
    •   Electrical, Hydraulic, and Mechanical Safety

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