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  • JH developed the top drive drilling system with independent intellectual property rights. It integrates the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic control technologies. JH top drive drilling system takes a full advantage of operations while drilling. The JH top drive drilling system has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation and long service life. All the above features fully satisfy the technological requirements of drilling rigs. It is essential equipment for the drilling of deep wells, super deep wells, horizontal wells as well as controlled directional well in complex geologic condition.

    Main technical features:

    01. Adoption of a double cylinder opposite clamping type backup tong, it can makeup and breakout without locking the rotating link adaptor. It is more applicable, convenient and easier to handle, allowing makeup and breakout to be fast and easy.

    02. The patented structure of rack and pinion used in IBOP of the hydraulic controls allows for the hydraulic pipe to be embedded into the body of structure in order to avoid the damage of the hydraulic pipe during bumping. This makes the operation of IBOP more reliable.

    03. The patent slid-inset type foldable structure is used in the guide beam. It is quick, convenient and safe to install and dismantle when comparing with the other brand top drive drilling systems. Installment time of our guide beam could save 2~3 hours.

    04. The patent structure of reversed oil cup used in the main shaft seal of the gearbox guarantees that the lubrication will not leak in the process due to the seal of the main shaft being out of order.

    05. The Driller panel is equipped with a touch screen this displays the condition of system operation and can also monitor emergency point of equipment in real time it also increases the reliability of equipment operation.

    06. The counterbalance system with patent technology adopts double cylinders, which provides excellent balancing performance.

    07. The system is equipped with a double PLC control systems, which provides redundancy in PLC controls. This design greatly improves the reliability of our top drive drilling system.

    08. The hydraulic system is integrated on the main body of top drive, it is convenient to installment.

    09. The anti-loosen device with single direction tong dies can load more torque and be installed and disassembled easily.

    10. All the cables adopt integral protection, which improves the mechanical strength of cable and increases the reliability.

    11. The rotating link adaptor connects with the gearbox through shaft sleeve. When raising and lowering drill pipe or making a break off with bumper jars, there is no force on the main shaft, which increases the service life of the main shaft bearing.

    12. With our patented technology of casing running tools, during a casing run, it provides protection if pipe sticks or a well kick happens, it can also assist in the fast connections of top drive and casing pipe, allowing cycling of the mud. This helps avoid accidents (customer optional)

    13. Our drives, when equipped with the trolley of slips including the pneumatic lift device will reduces labor intensity, and increased drilling speed (optional).

    Advanced Technologies of JH Top Drive

    Soft Torque Technology£º

    Automatically identify working conditions, adjust the output torque features, and effectively mitigate the incidence of stick slip and downhole vibration. Speed up rock breaking, reduce drill string malfunction and bit wear, prolong the service lives of drilling string and bit.

    Shaft Rotating Control Technology£º

    Accurately control rotary direction, number of revolutions or angles of top drive main shaft, adjust the tool face and location angle of drilling string as of directional drilling. Improve the azimuth control accuracy and optimize well track.

    Top Drive Casing Running Technology£º

    Directly connect with the top drive main shaft to realize connection of casing running via the top drive electronic control system so as to realize accurate torque control and record. The whole casing running operation can be implemented.

    Top Drive Communication Interface£º

    Provide communication interface for drill rig to collect model parameters and implement monitoring. Realize rapid data collection, status monitoring and logic control between top drive system and driving parts of drilling rig , circulating system, subsurface equipments and other instruments and equipments.

    Why Choose JH? More Reliable£¬Robust and Service-Friendly

    Full products range£º

    JH has a full line of electric and hydraulic top drives which are available from 150 ton to 1000 ton, covers the large offshore derrick to small truck-mounted units.

    Flexible customization£º

    According the customers¡¯ specific requirements, based on rich field experience and abundant customer feedback from various markets, JH can always efficiently deliver the most suitable top drive solution to our customers. Overall Dimension, drilling torque, rated load capacities and power generator can be designed or configured to fulfill the real practical situation.

    Faster Delivery Speed£º

    With powerful manufacturing ability and strong logistical network, the delivery time of JH¡¯s top drive or spears is much shorter comparing with average industry leading time.

    Easy and fast Installation£º

    Packed securely in two or three standard shipping containers, JH top drives can be transported easily. Also, top drives can be disassembled into smaller modules for easy delivery. JH top drives with patented guide beam can be installed on most rigs with little modification in a fast manner.

    Ease of Operation£º

    JH Top drive control panel is easily understood and operated by the driller. JH¡¯s certified and experienced on-site technicians add value to operations by providing maintenance and training for the drilling crew to achieve maximum top drive drilling performance.

    Maintenance Free Components£º

    With confidence of JH technology and manufacturing ability, JH can promise the customer that the main parts of JH Top drives are maintenance free within the designed product life.
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